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Chapter 1

A new life in Caraveas

Wouldn’t you love to be part of history? Being remembered for years, maybe decades, or centuries, until the end of humanity? I certainly did! … Well, last time I checked, they said I would… but that’s not the case for now.

If someone is actually reading this, I bet you are going to ask who I am. Well, let me answer you, dear invisible friend, my name is Claude Castas, also known as Claude “Scab” Castas. Ah, you may wonder why the middle name there. I will tell you sometime later, do not worry.

Well… I do not know how to start, I guess I should be saying how old I am, maybe? I am 17 years old, pretty much an adult now, even if my body states the opposite. You see, I look way younger than what I am, I do not know why this happens. The year is 1554, I wonder who was the one that started counting years like a boring sage... Ah well, I was born in the sovereign country of Stain, I speak ringlish good, though, since my studies forced me to learn this other language, I actually like ringlish; it brings more interest in my life. As of now, I have lived in a country close to Stain called Caraveas, people say that this small country has some sort of friendship with Stain, not sure why, maybe because people keep seeing the Saint Stanish Inquisition going around the seas, close to this country. Funny... I have a weird vibe about them every time I see them, must be me.

As of now, I am on my mighty ship, going towards the unknown, living the magic feeling of hearing the sound of small waves hitting my ship, like an orchestra made with instruments that were made out of heaven. If only you knew how this felt… it's pretty lovely.

I am a pirate that works for the country of Caraveas since a few months ago; time passes by like the wind, in a pace that no one can control.

Our crewmates are working here, too. Cleaning the ship, and refilling resources. Hmm, never knew you could cultivate fruits and herbs right inside your ship. My, the world has such wonders…

Seeing myself through the reflection of my sable brings memories of how my adventure started… If you wish, I can tell you how this all started.

For now, I ought to leave, my buddy Fluff E. Sheep just said there is land ahead, we are gonna put anchor on the nearby dock after arriving.

Until the sea rises again, I will see you, my friend.


~ Claude “Scab” Castas

Page 1
Legends of the high sea: The saga Chapter 1
It has finally started, guys. The original language for this is spanish. But since many people seem to speak english here, I may have to upload it in english first, to then upload it in spanish. Do not worry, my non-english speakers!

The legends of the seas has started!
If you want to support the continuation of this story series... You will have to wait for a bit!

Legends of the high sea:

The saga

A story of pirates, heroes, kingdoms and sables!

Story based on the casual mobile phone game High Sea Saga, by the Japanese game developer team Kairosoft. An RPG games right about the same topic!

Story classified for people above 17 years old


-Pirate theme

-Fantasy violence




-Sexual themes and black themed jokes


The start of a legend! New series
Inspiration has hit me to the point I want to start writting so I can entertain people and may win some money doing so, so I can pay my studies from now on, soon.
The first page is going to me uploaded here and in FA, too!

I hope you get to enjoy it ;) (Wink) 
  • Mood: Joy
Guess who is eighteen now? Me! That's right! Yesterday it was my b-day! I am so excited right now! .... Yeah... Moving on, I think this might be a good year for me 8D. How are you guys?


Claudio Hernández C.
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Just a silly minecraftian that wants to draw, meet friends and have fun :3

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